It was a privilege to promote several students this week in our Junior and Adult Mantis Kung Fu. Traditionally Martial Arts systems like Karate, Kung Fu and Kali did not have grading systems. They worked like a family structure. The modern grading systems came out of Japan close to 100 years ago with the founders of Shotokan Karate and Judo. Here is an interesting article on the history of Belts and Sashes.

Certificates and belts/sashes are just makers on your progress. Many of the students at moi fa have knowledge and skills far beyond the colour around their waist. Many have gained black belts or high grades at other schools before embarking on their journey at moi fa. So you could be training with a Green Sash who previously grained a Black Belt in Kickboxing or you could be training with a Blue Belt who has a Instructor grade in Jeet Kune Do.


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