It’s a strange world when you get parents wanting to get their 4 year old kid into MMA or play fighting or martial arts dress up! Traditional martial arts is all about making yourself better. A better fighter yes but more importantly a better person and an asset to your family and community. Get your kids into a martial art class with a good instructor who will develop them into well rounded individuals. It really does not matter which martial art as all correct training leads you towards the top of the mountain. Then when they get older they can decide if they want to fight in competitive sports or follow another passion. At moi fa we teach a Kung Fu based children’s program but they will also learn Taekwondo style kicks, basic grappling and more importantly discipline and control. I stress that with practice and hard work they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Doncaster 2002ish with Martial Arts legend and Original Student of Bruce Lee, Sifu Larry Hartsell.
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