Most people don’t go directly to Tai Chi, they might stumble across it due to injury or the need to balance their training. I was not really interested in Tai Chi for many years and even on my first trip to China, I opted for Eagle Claw Kung Fu rather than Tai Chi which the majority of the group planned to learn.

Lucky for me by my second trip I had an idea of how useful and powerful tai chi training can be and I have never stopped practicing in the last 20 years. Tai Chi can help you fill holes in your current training and challenge you in different ways that more physical or external training can miss.

The major benefits are improved balance, relaxation, mental focus, coordination and breathing but you will find that the self defence and partner drills are very interesting and rewarding.

We have classes twice a week a in Newcastle at our Walkergate centre. These are open to beginners and all abilities and it’s a relaxed environment without any rituals.

If you are looking for an honest approach to Tai Chi as it is taught to the locals in China come and try a free taster class.

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