Moi Fa Internal Martial Arts

The term Internal Arts has been used since the 1900’s to describe the softer styles of kung fu. The three principle styles which come to mind are tai chi, bagua and hsing i. Other styles such as Liu He Ba Fa also get bundled into this category and recently Japanese styles such as Aikido are sometimes classified as soft or internal styles. Unfortunatley this theoretical division between internal and external styles is of little practical help and generally those styles with martial content will come together somewhere in the middle ground. Where the confusion can arise is that the internal styles such as tai chi and bagua have many associated exercises which are purely for health and improving flexibility and general physical skills. Adding to this many traditonal kung fu masters would practice qigong, herbal medicine or accupuncture and we now have a world where many teach tai chi and other arts without any real martial content.

Within Moi Fa we teach the traditional systems and students can delve further into the martial aspects if they desire. Initial training focuses on developing health and physical attributes such as flexibiliy, balance, breathing and relaxation which are great for those wanting the health aspects but they are also essential for those who want to develop the martial skills.

We generally call Internal Arts training classes Tai Chi or IMA and material is tailored to fit the students needs and ability. Below is a introduction to the elements that are taught in the IMA classes.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Known in China as taijiquan (Grand Ultimate Boxing), Tai Chi is respected world-wide for its many health benefits. We teach the most popular and highly respected Yang family Tai Chi system. Movements are blanaced and evenly paced for beginner level to improve balance, structure, breathing, relaxation and coordination.

For more advanced students they can learn the many other aspects of the old and new tai chi systems. New forms have been developed in recent years such as the fan form and the other older aspects such as push hands, sword and self defence training are very challenging and enjoyable.

Our classes will teach you all aspects of tai chi. We practice 24 step and 32 Step sword as beginner level forms. Traditional Yang Family long form, Sabre and Sword are then taught along with push hands and self defence application.

Qi Gong

Qigong (pronnounced Chee Kung) is usually taught hand in hand with Tai Chi. Qigong can be devided into several categories. The major ones being, Health, Martial, Medical, spiritual and Religious. At the academy we don’t practice the religious or spiritual aspects..

The health qigong is designed for general health so much like tai chi it improves balance, breathing, general energy levels as well as strength and flexibility. The Martial qigong is designed to enhance martial ability so commonly designed to make the body stronger, project energy and generate full body power. The Medical qigong is focused and exercises which increase the health of certain body parts such as the kidney’s or eyes or even treating certain medical conditions.

Open Class Times

Under timetable you can find open class times by style and by weekday