How to get started

If you want to come along to our classes it is essential that you contact Sifu Tennet and book your free first class on 07710 170245. Once booked you will need to arrive about 5-10 minutes before your first class to complete required paperwork and answer any questions you may have.

We have several payment options which reduce the cost per class and these can be discussed once we know what you want to achieve.

The classes are structured so that you progress through the training system of your choice in a logical way, slowly increasing your knowledge and skill and establishing a firm foundation for developing real skill.

We have open classes which cover the foundation of the system you choose. Whether you try Tai Chi, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Kettlebells, Filipino Martial Arts, Mantis or Wing Chun Kung Fu then the foundation classes will give you essential skills for self defence, health as well as fitness. Once a firm foundation is acquired the student can progress to private training or advanced sessions.

Moi Fa Martial Arts

Martial Artists strive to better themselves mentally and physically.

All students require the following for class participation:

  • Soft, clean, indoor trainging shoes/plimsoles (or clean bare feet)
  • Moi Fa T-shirt and training trousers (or other suitable training clothing for beginners)
  • Health, energy, discipline, respect and desire
  • A drug and alcohol free mind and body.

Reaching a high level of martial arts skill

Reaching a good skill level in martial arts will require years on intensive study. Training is not a workout (although you will certainly feel that you have worked hard) but a period of study trying to perfect the physcial elements and understand the science. I feel that I have learnt more about science, health, language, culture, people and numerous other things from doing martial arts than I probably did from school.

Take notes, attend seminars, read books, chat with your training partners, train and revise material when you are away from the formal classes and you will develop kung fu.

Grading is a way of motivating and assessing skill levels in the same way that any qualification does. It does not make you invincible or indicate a finish line. It’s a bit like paddling a canoe up a stream, once you stop you will go backwards. At Moi Fa, we conduct adult grading assessments within intensive training sessions and this allows all senior students to mix and develop skills further.