Saturday 19th November 2022 we held our second Kerambit Workshop raising money for Daft as a Brush Charity. £185 was raised by the North East Martial Arts community representing AFC Newcastle and Moi Fa. Thank you to Guro/Sifu Alec Morris for teaching Berantai Bladetech Kerambit.

Ever since I started teaching, Moi Fa has been involved with Martial Arts charity events including those by our friends Sensei Peter Seth of Aikido, Sensei Mike Ilderton of Wado Ryu and Sifu Steve Youngman of Lau Gar. The people of the North East are always generous and we had students donate a few extra pounds and Peter Yates even donating although he could not attend.

More charity workshops coming in 2023

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Anthony · 22 November 2022 at 9:32 pm

The Moi-fa charity events are always great fun. Cannot wait for the next one.

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