It’s hard to believe that Moi Fa has been at Walkergate since 2011. Here is a little history for those who don’t know.

1993 – Wing Chun class at Preston Grange Community Centre, North Shields – Students including Paul D and Ben V started there.

Approx 1994-95 – Tuesday Night Wing Chun Class at Whitley Bay YMCA (Daivd Graham also started a small Mantis style class in North Shields) – Students such as the Ishida Brothers started at the YMCA while Mantis students included Chris D.

Approx 1995 – Moi Fa had its first ‘Mo Kwoon’ at Victoria Mews, Whitley Bay. Students such as Bryan M and Mark W started here. We hosted Grandmaster Ip Chun on his last official UK seminar tour.

Approximately 1999 we move to our second ‘Mo Kwoon’ on Whitley Road, above Papa Johns. Many students started training here including Ramoon, Michael, Jan H, Karl, Chris and Jodie.

We luckily stayed at this location for a few years with classes for Wing Chun and Mantis but also teaching Lion Dance & Qigong. We hosted training workshops with David Peterson, Alex Kozma, Trevor Jefferson, Larry Hartsell and Danny Guba to name but a few.

After several years at Whitley Road, we had to change again and moved classes to community locations around Whitley Bay, North Shields and South Gosforth. Many new students had access to training along with seniors such as Ellen & Mark, Alex and John, Jan S, Michael R, Mark W & Chris T.

Around 2008 my Wing Chun Teacher, Trevor Jefferson moved to start a new chapter of his like in Majorca and he asked me to take over his Eldon Square class. Again this opened up the training to many new students like Neil J & Brian.

Come 2010 life was getting complex and I really needed a another ‘Mo Kwoon’. Luckily an opportunity arose at Walkergate and with the help and many loyal students and martial friends it was made possible. The new training hall gave us the opportunity to offer classes in BJJ, FMA, Mantis Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai Chi as well as Qigong & Lion Dance. We also continued the tradition of bringing the best guest instructors from around the world to share their stuff. These included Marc McFann, Phillip Star, Alan Gibson anf many more.

Another new addition came in the form of the Russian Kettlebell which has become an invaluable part of the Moi Fa Family life.

Apologies if any of this information is slightly out as this is purely from memory. I wonder what is next in 2021 and beyond.


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