Wing Chun Kuen

Ip Man on the Wooden Dummy

Wing Chun kung fu is one of the most famous styles of Kung Fu. It is taught world-wide and has many variations. It is characterised as a close range system by most and due to it's functionally it does not work fitness levels as much as most other styles.

According to verbal records it was created after the burning of the Shaolin temple by one of the five elders who escaped. A buddhist Nun named Ng Miu who then taught Yim Wing chun. The system was named after Yim Wing Chun when passed to the next generation.

Wing Chun is all about efficiency and according to history each generation has refined the system into what we have today.

How we train at Moi Fa

working out the details

Our classes focus on the traditional wing chun skills but we believe that the skills should be usable from day one. In your first class you will be taught practical techniques and tactics that can be applied in self defence right away.

Once you have the basic skills we like to train them in a functional and modern way. We use a series of two person drills and also use focus mitts and other equipment for impact training and to develop functional fitness, timing and distance.

The Heart of Wing Chun

Chi Sau action

A large part of the Wing Chun system revolves around training the forms and then applying the concepts and techniques within Stick Hands or Chi Sau. Chi Sau is an enjoyable practice method where you can refine your contact reflexes.

Chi Sau starts with a series of single arm drills which increase in complexity until the student can attack and defend with reflex actions and good technique in both hands.

Muk Yan Jong

The "Muk Yan Jong" or Wooden Man Post.

This is one of the characteristic training methods in wing chun. The Wooden Man Post is important to wing chun as it helps develop structure and positioning and is a tool to be used when partners are not available. Its hard to appreciate how the Muk Yan Jong training improves your technical skills but as you develop in the system it will become an invaluable tool.

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