Functional Fitness through Body Weight Exercises and Kettlebells

Kettlebell Training on Thursday 6pm-7pm (Ladies Only) and Saturday 9.15-10.15am (Mixed Class)

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells get results

What to expect from our classes

Our kettlebell classes are based on Hardstyle kettlebell principles. We take a logical and efficent approach to using kettlebells assist us with making other aspects of our lives better. Whether you are after better sports performance, less back pain, getting stronger or getting the body shape you are after we can help./p>

You will learn mobility exercises, body weight exercises, and then kettlebell exercises focusing on the 6 major Hardstyle techniques.

After your first session you are likely to ache for a few days as you have used your body in new ways. Luckily the second and thirs session are much easier and you will feel stronger sraight away.

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