Moi Fa Martial Arts for Children

Young kung fu student mid form

Our Children's program is called Little Mantis. From the title you might guess that it is based on the same kung fu system that is offered to adult students. This is a comprehensive martial arts system but we add even more elements for the children. We add some groundwork, so more athletic and acrobatic movements that would not be found in a purely practical self defence system but are great for expanding physical skills and allowing the child to grow.

We tone down the lethal fighting techniques and increase the fun element for the children so that they develop a broad range of skills such as coordination and confidence as well as self defence techniques.

The Little Mantis program is a completely seperate syllabus but the core material matches the adult syllabus, however it has several cross over points for older children to transfer into the adult program when they feel ready.

Children and self defence

Can children really fight off an adult attacker? We can only give you our experience and we believe that even if a young child had the technique and power its very rare they would have the correct mindset to even hurt someone intentionally. Before the age of 10 years all we can do is lay a foundation and instill life skills so that they can better deal with bullies, strangers and general hazards.

Another common idea is that parents and children can both do the same class. Although it is possible to structure a class to accommodate children and adults, we don't. Young children and adults have very different needs and neither will get the full benefit. In the long run nobody reaches their potential and the standards are lowered. The nearest we have to a mixed class would be a family class for older children and adults.

It's about having fun...

two children training

People learn better when they are enjoying themselves and can relax, this is more evident with children that anywhere else. Games and drills form the core of our Little Mantis classes so that skills are developed and the children are challenged.

The children can test about once per month so that they keep progressing steadily up the syllabus. Tests are bite-sized chunks which slowly get more technical and challenging as they progress.

Another element that we try and pass on to the students is basic Chinese language. Many predict Mandarin to be a major world language for the next generation.

Chinese Culture

Lion Dance

One of the unique aspects to the Moi Fa academy is the Chinese cultural Lion Dancing. In our classes you will learn much more than punching and kicking. Learning the Lion Dance is openly available to those that want to try it.

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