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Moi Fa Martial Arts

Britsh Council for Chinese Martial Arts

We have five different teaching systems for martial arts that you can choose from. Each system is complete and authentic with a full (optional) grading syllabus. The systems approach training in very different ways so depending on what you require, you will generally favour one method over another but about 25% of our students combine 2 or 3 systems. They will all provide self defence and fitness elements but the level of fitness does vary. Our Adult classes are taught with a mature and adult view point so they are generally not suitable for under 12s.


Filipino Martial Arts go by many names. Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and even Kuntao is used to describe the highly practical weapons based arts. Our training is largely based on the Doce Pares system which covers single stick, double stick, knife, empty hands and stick & Dagger as the basic skills.

Lion Dancing

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An interesting element of training within the moi fa group is Chinese Lion Dancing. In previous generations the quality of a school's lion dance team was a reflection on their kung fu skills. Today you will be lucky to find schools that pratice this great skill. Lion Dance training and performing is very physical and enhances the students kung fu skills and more. We don't run a seperate class for these skills but you will be given the opportunity to try it if you are in our Mantis classes. We also hold one off sessions so that non Mantis students can get involved. We regularly perform demos for the public and many of the students enjoy this challenge.


Russian Kettlebell

The kettlebell has been around for hundreds of years and the principle can be seen in Indian Clubs, Chinese Stone Locks and Russian Keetlebells. Over the last 10 years the martial arts community has abopted kettlebell training as a staple of the physical conditioning and most MMA fighters and high level instructors will be using or at least aware of Kettlebell training. The benefits of kettlebell training go far beyond building muscle strength and can help with every aspect of health and fitness. We offer classes on Hard style kettlebell training which we believe fits perfectly with traditional martial arts theories, power generation and mobility.

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