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Moi Fa Martial Arts

Britsh Council for Chinese Martial Arts

We have five different teaching systems for martial arts that you can choose from. Each system is complete and authentic with a full (optional) grading syllabus. The systems approach training in very different ways so depending on what you require, you will generally favour one method over another but about 25% of our students combine 2 or 3 systems. They will all provide self defence and fitness elements but the level of fitness does vary. Our Adult classes are taught with a mature and adult view point so they are generally not suitable for under 12s.

7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu (MKF)

Lee Kam Wing teaching

7 Star Mantis is a traditional Chinese Kung Fu system which was designed purely for fighting. Developed from Northern Shaolin systems it is a complete system covering all ranges of combat both empty hands and with weapons.

Several classes per week are available in Mantis Kung Fu (MKF) with times and locations to suit most people. Gradings are available but not compulsory and we have a world wide family of schools where people can train.

Our Mantis Kung Fu classes are best for people who want traditional martial arts and fitness. The system will allow you to develop a broad range of skills which can be used either in sport or self defence. You will improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and stamina while training in mantis.

The training includes; Fundamentals such a stances, stretching and condiitoning, Empty hand forms & weapons forms, Applications of techniques for self defence and sparring, Two person training drills and forms, Padwork and other strike trainnig, Locks, throws and controlling techniques, Qigong, fighting principles and strategy

Open Class times : Tuesday 8.15-9.45pm, Saturday 10.30am-12 & Sunday (Family Class) 11am-12/P>

Wing Chun Kuen [Kung Fu] (WCK)

Stundets drilling basic applications

Wing Chun or Chinese Boxing as it is sometimes called has it's roots in Southern China. Made famous on the streets & rooftops of Hong Kong by Grandmaster Ip Man's famous students Bruce Lee, Wong Shun Leung and others, it is probably the most widely practiced kung fu in the world.

Moi Fa Wing Chun is based on Sifu Tennet's experiences and training prodoninantly in TJ Wing Chun, WSL Wing Chun and Lun Gai's Foshan Wing Chun. With the Academy's Wing Chun you have a unique and comphrensive blend of authentic and practical wing chun as descended from Ip Man. Sifu Tennet has also devised modern training methods to enhance the skills and enable safe but functional training drills.

Wing Chun is a very scientific and practical self defence system so the training does not offer as much of a challenge to fitness levels as the MKF training does.

The training includes; Fundamentals such a stances, Kicks, stepping and punching, Empty hand forms (Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Tse) & weapons forms (Pole & Knives), Applications of techniques for self defence and sparring, Two person training drills, Padwork and other strike trainnig, Chi Sau (Sticking Hands) & Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong)

Open Class times : Monday 8-9.30pm, Wednesday 6.30-8.00pm & Sunday 6.30-8pm

Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts (IMA)

Push Hands Training

Tai Chi is the best known of the Internal Martial Arts, after that people might have heard of Qigong or Bagua. Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) form the core of of Internal Arts class but more advanced students can explore bagua and hsing i if they desire. We provide full and detailed training in all aspects, form, push hands, weapons, standing meditation and self defence.

Our classes are ideal for people who want low impact exercise, have an interest in yoga and other holistic activities and maybe just want improve health with an interesting hobby. We teach in the same way as our other systems so expect to learn self defence applications, power development and fighting strategy.

The training includes; Fundamentals, Standing Meditation, 24 Step Yang Style Form, 32 Step Yang Style Sword, Push Hands training drills, Self Defence applications, Yang Style Long Form, Yang Style Sabre Form, Qigong, fighting principles and strategy & Advanced Forms

Open Class times : Tuesday 7.00-8.15pm & Sunday 10-11am

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Filipino Martial Arts go by many names. Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and even Kuntao is used to describe the highly practical weapons based arts. Our training is largely based on the Doce Pares system which covers single stick, double stick, knife, empty hands and stick & Dagger as the basic skills.

Like the other systems we teach the Filipino Arts in a safe and practical way. Starting with weapons trains coordination to a extremely high levels and the knife & stick defence is probably the best you will find in any martial arts systems.

The Filipino martial arts also cover additional weapons such as long skick, Nunchaku, Pocket Stick and Locking and throwing. They offer a complete training system for both sport and self defence and like our MKF provide a blend of great martial arts and a challenging workout.

Open Class times : Wednesday 8.00-9.30pm & Sunday 5pm-6.30pm

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  • Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (BJJ)

    BJJ in action

    Brazilian Ju-Jitsu started in the early 1900s when a Japansese Judo Master taught the Gracie Family in Brazil. It hit the world martial arts community with the birth of the UFC and is now the fastest growing martial art in the World.

    At the moi fa academy we have been promoting the grappling arts since 2002 via resident coaches and visting instructors such as Jamie Berry, Chris Brown, Larry Hartsell, Erik Paulson and Mick Shore.

    Open Class times : Monday and Thursday 6.30 - 8pm

    Lion Dancing

    Random foliage

    An interesting element of training within the moi fa group is Chinese Lion Dancing. In previous generations the quality of a school's lion dance team was a reflection on their kung fu skills. Today you will be lucky to find schools that pratice this great skill. Lion Dance training and performing is very physical and enhances the students kung fu skills and more. We don't run a seperate class for these skills but you will be given the opportunity to try it if you are in our Mantis classes. We also hold one off sessions so that non Mantis students can get involved. We regularly perform demos for the public and many of the students enjoy this challenge.


    Russian Kettlebell

    The kettlebell has been around for hundreds of years and the principle can be seen in Indian Clubs, Chinese Stone Locks and Russian Kettlebells. Over the last 10 years the martial arts community has abopted kettlebell training as a staple of the physical conditioning and most MMA fighters and high level instructors will be using or at least aware of Kettlebell training. The benefits of kettlebell training go far beyond building muscle strength and can help with every aspect of health and fitness. We offer classes on Hard style kettlebell training which we believe fits perfectly with traditional martial arts theories, power generation and mobility.

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