So what's it all about

Moi Fa Martial Arts is an established group of traditional martial arts practitioners in the North East of England. Whichever art you study with us, the coaches teach in a safe, progressive and detailed way. The coaches teach for the love of the art and because they enjoy seeing people develop mental and physical skills.

We teach all ages and capabilities with the focus on health, self protection and personal development. Religion is not part of our teaching, the skills are practical and can be used regardless of ones' beliefs. Good martial arts are based on tried and tested practical skills that can be learned relatively quickly.

Kung Fu translates to skill achieved through effort so believe us when we say reaching a good skill level in martial arts will require patience, regular study and plenty of hardwork. This will strengthen your mind and body and develop you as a person.

If you are reading this then you must have some interest. Come along and find out what we do, you will be made welcome. If it's not for you then that's absolutely fine, mark it up as an experience, otherwise come along for your second class which will be free of charge.

Moi Fa Martial Arts

Moi Fa Academy Logo

Since 1995 the academy has taught Chinese Martial Arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu and Mantis Kung Fu) to hundreds of students across Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East. We have students who have been with us since those days and continue to grow and develop.

Chief Instructor and founder of the Academy is Paul Tennet. Over the last two decades he has searched for, and studied various styles with some of the best instructors from across the world including; in China, Hong Kong, Europe and North America. Since starting to teach he has taught workshops to students in Canada, Ireland and the UK. Paul has also competed in the UK and Europe, and some of the students have competed in UK tournaments. Along with these activities, academy instructors are also involved in teaching workshops to various community groups and schools. Workshops cover self defence, lion dancing and tai chi, and are very popular with children and adults alike.

Our Aims:

  • To teach, promote and develop authentic martial art skills for self defence to the highest level;
  • To uphold the high ethical & moral standards set by our teachers and grandteachers;
  • To provide real skills, education, enjoyment, health and learning to all who are sincerely interested in martial arts;
  • To use martial arts & martial culture as a vehicle for personal development and growth.

Fund Raising events and community involvement

Courage, sincerity and Humility - Love, honour and Respect

Traditionally martial artists have been at the centre of the community, whether protecting it or serving the community martial arts are about life. At Moi Fa we feel that we are a big part of the community. Some our classes are held in scout halls, church halls and other community centres. We participate in many community events providing lion dances and workshops. We also have involvement with the martial arts community through charity seminars, fundraising events and competitions.

Even if you don't train with us, why not find out when the next martial arts Charity Seminar is being held.

Tai Chi

Internatioanl taijiquan and Shaolin Wushu Association

Tai Chi is that slow moving exercise which is practiced by old people in China right? Well partly right but in Asia and some groups around the world, Tai Chi is the number one choice for champion fighters. Tai Chi can be used very effectively for self defence as well as health building but it must be trained in the correct way. Tai Chi's sister art, Bagua was used by the Imperial Guards in Acient China. It is both meditative and combative at the same time and developed probably the most flexible and coordinated body movements of all systems. So why not check them out and see if the training is for you, its great for health and self defence equally.

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